Planta­logica describes the flower devel­opment of your plants

Planta­logica carries out research into the plants of growers, propag­ators and breeders in order to determine how these plants will develop. By opening small growth buds under the dissecting micro­scope the devel­opment of the future flowers becomes visible.

Such a bud begins as an undif­fer­en­tiated apex (growing tip) with leaf primordia. This can –over time–  develop, for example, into a flowering truss. By following the way the main flowers develop we are not only able to say something about the number of trusses per plant but also about the devel­opment stage of these trusses.

Describing the flower devel­opment and plant archi­tecture – flower mapping – can contribute to an increase in the economic value of plant material in crop production chains.

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